Utah Supreme Court
  1. Ferguson v. Williams & Hunt (Utah July 31, 2009) (defamation claims)

Utah Court of Appeals

  1. Westmont Maintenance v. Vance (Utah Ct. App., October 3, 2013) (dismissal of defamation claim against attorney) 
  2. Zoumadakis v. Uintah Basin Medical Center, Inc. (Utah Ct. App. May 21, 2009) (defamation claim stemming from termination)

United States Supreme Court

Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals

  1. Fox-Rivera v. Colorado Department of Public Health (10th Cir., April 23, 2015) (affirming dismissal for plaintiff's failure to state a claim that his reputation was impugned) 
  2. Singer v. Steidley (10th Cir., December 18, 2014) (dismissing for lack of jurisdiction questions of defamation as well as qualified and absolute immunity)
  3. McDonald v. Wise (10th Cir., October 28, 2014) (reversing dismissal of plaintiff's liberty-interest and defamation claims)
  4. Chen v. Dillard Store Services, Inc. (10th Cir., August 27, 2014) (reversing dismissal of plaintiff's claims)
  5. Hogan v. Winder (10th Cir., Aug. 5, 2014) (defamation claim brought by public employee; also involved claims of false light invasion of privacy, intentional infliction of emotional distress, breach of contract, wrongful termination, and constitutional violations)
  6. Rogers v. Alezopulos (10th Cir., December 6, 2013) (due process claim: failure to hold a name-clearing hearing in connection with termination)
  7. Spacecon Contractors v. Bensinger (10th Cir., April 15, 2013) (affirming summary judgment in favor of film-maker on charges of defamation)
  8. D'Souza-Kamath v. Cloud County Health Center, Inc. (10th Cir. Feb. 2, 2010) (defamation, tortious interference, breach of contract claims)

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