Utah Legislation


The following is a summary of legislation passed in the 2017 Utah Legislature that may have some impact on employers.  All House Bills (HB) and Senate Bills (SB) become effective on May 9, 2017, except those marked here with an *, which become effective July 1, 2017.  All resolutions become effective the date of passage.




H.B. 12     Retirement Systems Amendments

H.B. 21     Department of Workforce Services Sunset Authorization

H.B. 27     Department of Corrections Retirement Amendments

H.B. 65     Workforce Services  

H.B. 105  Antidiscrimination Modifications

H.B. 216   Substitute Workplace Abusive Conduct Amendments

S.B. 11     Retirement Systems Amendments (re public employees)

S.B. 17     Employment Support Act Revisions

S.B. 42     General Assistance Programs Changes

S.B. 47     Temporary Assistance for Needy Families

S.B. 63     Substitute Workers' Compensation Fund Amendments

S.B. 111    Occupational Safety and Health Regulation

S.B. 128    Long-term Disability Insurance Plan Amendments

S.B. 135    Workers' Compensation Coverage for Firefighters



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