Cases --- November 11th through 17th, 2018

Retirement, ERISA and Employee Pension Plans

Hackford v. Utah State Retirement Board (Utah Ct. App., November 16, 2018) (declining to disturb the Board's decision that Hackford's early retirement is subject to the early retirement reduction)

Workers Compensation

*Lauer v. Commissioner (10th Cir., November 14, 2018) (reversing denial of disability benefits: the ALJ failed to properly take into account Lauer’s headaches or doctor's medical opinion)

*Cases marked with an asterisk are 10th Circuit cases the court declared not to be binding precedent except under the doctrines of law of the case, res judicata, or collateral estoppel. They may be cited, however, for persuasive value under Fed.R.App.P. 32.1 and 10th Cir.R. 32.1.

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