Monday, January 11, 2010

Bills to Be Considered by the Utah Legislature

The Utah legislature will be in general session beginning January 25, 2010. It will be considering several bills that may have an impact on employers and employees throughout the state. To date the following bills have been introduced in the House:

House Bills:

H.B. 11, Licensing of Elevator Contractors and Elevator Mechanics. The bill provides for the licensing of elevator contractors and mechanics and continuing education requirements to retain licensure.

H.B. 17, Amendments to Programs for People with Disabilities. The bill modifies the Utah State Personnel Management Act to allow for the competitive career service schedule to include positions filled through an on-the-job examination intended to appoint a qualified person with a disability.

H.B. 18, Unemployment Insurance Amendments. The bill modifies the definition of the base period for qualification for unemployment insurance benefits.

H.B. 20, Amendments to Health Insurance Coverage in State Contract. This bill amends existing statutes that requires contractors with certain state entities to provide health insurance to their employees by, among other things, requiring waiting periods for coverage to be less than 90 days, clarifying that to be covered the employees or dependents must live in Utah, clarifying that the health insurance coverage required is a minimum standard, and defining what constitutes qualified health insurance coverage.

H.B. 23, Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing. The bill amends statutory requirements for employer drug and alcohol testing, including provisions related to employer liability.

H.B. 27, Per Diem and Travel Expense Modifications. The bill modifies per diem and travel expense language used for boards, commissions, councils, and committees.

H.B. 28, Controlled Substance Database Amendments. This bill amends provisions requiring an individual who is licensed to prescribe a controlled substance or applying for a license to register to use the database and take tests related to the database.

H.B. 37, Criminal Background Checks on Motor Vehicle Dealers and Salespersons. This bill will require all applicants for a motor vehicle dealer or salesperson license to submit to a criminal background check.

H.B. 41, Constable Amendments. This bill amends what constables political subdivisions may hire.

H.B. 42, School District Employees - Career Status Requirements. This bill modifies the Utah Orderly School Termination Procedures Act regarding requirements for school district employees to obtain career status. It allows school districts to determine whether career status can be obtained after three, four, or five years.

H.B. 43, Unemployment Compensation Amendments. This bill modifies provisions in the Employment Security Act regarding the computation of benefits and the offset of Social Security benefits.

H.B. 51, Family Employment Program - Cash Assistance to Single Minor Parent. This bill modifies cash assistance to single minor parent provision of the Family Employment Program.

H.B. 73, Utah Construction Trades Continuing Education Amendments. This bill modifies the continuing education requirements for the construction trades.

H.B. 199, Municipal Clerk and Recorder Responsibilities. This bill allows legislative bodies of town to establish a director of finance position.

H.B. 211, Continuing Education Requirements for Landscape Architects. This bill provides that a landscape architects complete continuing education requirements.

H.B. 215, Amendments to Public Employees' Benefit and Insurance Program Act - Risk Pools. This bill amends the number of eligible full-time enrollees an institution of higher eduction must have in order to participate.

House Resolutions:

H.J.R. 3, Joint Resolution on Teacher Performance Pay. The resolution recommends that performance pay or differentiated pay plans for public school teachers be developed using guiding principles.